We know how to work online

Open a payment account for your online business operations

Get access to modern payment infrastructure. Focus on your business goals and do not get distracted by payment procedures.

  • Manage your account from any device

    Our clients enjoy the comfort and security of the advanced full-scale mobile banking application. Manage your business account on the go – when and where you want.
  • Conduct transactions all over the world

    Finiza transcends borders, making the world a small place. Wherever your clients may be living, you still can receive their orders or close deals as long as your clients have access to the Internet.
  • No need to wait! Open your business account now.

    It takes one day to get your business online. We can send you the documents on the same day you submit your request. And your account will become available the day after we sign the contract. You can download and explore the basic set of documents here.
  • European regulations

    Finiza works in the European banking environment and follows the rules set by the European Union. You will have all the benefits of the European legal regulations.
  • Automated KYC procedure

    We perform the KYC verification without demanding any unnecessary actions from the client. Just submit your request, and you will receive the approval the same day.