Finiza LTD - years of work and experience in the sphere of B2B Ecommerce

We make the global payment system easy to understand and accessible for all online business owners.

  • The main goal of Finiza is to simplify the process of closing international deals in B2B and B2С sectors.

    We have been working online for 15 years. Just like many other eCommerce companies we used to encounter unexpected problems and holdbacks that led to delays in international payments. It prevented us from closing deals and meeting deadlines, which in our line of business was much worse than working slowly but according to schedule We wanted to make all our procedures more stable and reliable.

    So we joined forces with financial industry experts working in eCommerce for over 20 years and came up with a new project – Finiza LTD. It is a financial institution that provides online companies with access to the global financial infrastructure.

The key products of Finiza

  • Comprehensive banking services

    Comprehensive banking services for eCommerce entrepreneurs and companies.

  • International payment transactions

    International payment transactions.

  • Liquidity provisions

    Deposit accounts and liquidity provisions* for online business owners.

* Provided through Gameboost42 LTD factoring
  • Digital economy capacity. Chart source: International Monetary Fund and Statistica

    The digital economy evolves much faster than other types of economies despite various constrains such as the overly complex and rigid global financial system, the shortage of engineers, and the complexity of regulations. However, the digital economy has enormous potential capacity because now only 3% of transactions are conducted online. Online commerce opens new markets for existing companies, allows extremely specialized and boutique companies to reach their target audience, and helps to increase production output globally.
  • Finiza pays special attention to the issue of data security.

    Our system provides the highest level of data protection and confidentiality and as a result is highly valued by the bank clients. Finiza works in the European banking environment and follows the rules set by the European Union. You will have all the benefits of the European legal regulations.

We use a comprehensive security system to protect accounts and deposits.

  • DigiPASS

    The two-factor authentication fully complies with the provisions of the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2).


    Authentication solutions are provided by OneSpan. The data of bank cards and their holders are protected by a set of measures according to the PCI DSS Standard.

  • Notifications

    Our in-house IT system and mobile app for clients. Customer funds are protected in accordance with the European Directives.